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Sporting Dog Training

We train sporting breeds for the Field. Although Kevin started participating in Hunt Tests with his first dogs, we now compete in Field Trials with our own personal hunting dogs. We train a minimum of 5 days a week with our dogs, except during the hunting season when we are out hunting or guiding with them. 


We have trained a number of breeds and take on retrievers, flushers or pointers to get them to the desired hunting level. We also train for competing in trials.

Breed Consults

We find that on occasion we meet people who are finding it difficult to choosing a dog that is right for their lifestyle. We are more then happy to meet with people and discuss our dogs. We have often referred people to a different breed, breeder, or rescue because of a difference in lifestyle that may not match well with a sporting breed or a Boston terrier.  We want what’s best for our dogs and what’s best for our potential families. 

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