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Our Favourite Things

Take a look below for a list of our recommended items for when you are bringing home your new puppy and building your starter pack for your hunting dog in training. Click on each item to see purchasing options on amazon. 


Dog Crate

Bring them home safe, give them a secure space at home, and make house breaking easier with a crate. Plastic crates like these are great for travel and making sure your dog doesn't get a leg stuck in metal bars. The first option is out favourite. Two great more economical options also listed.


Dog Bed

Give them a comfy space to relax while also maintaining boundaries with a raised dog bed. Bonus: These cots are easy to clean!


Dog Toys

Help your puppy focus all of their wonderful energy with some fun dog toys (and not your shoes!)


Whistle and Check Cord for teaching recall

Save your voice and work on recall with a whistle a check cord


Slip Lead

This adjustable slip lead is the perfect tool to teach your pup to walk at heal from day one


Collar and Leash

The small collar here is great for very young pup and the larger o-ring collar is best suited for all life stages of a pointing dog. The featured high quality German style leather lead is my preferred style of lead


Jager Lead

This lead is perfect for jogging and hands free (umbilical) training. 


E Collar

Both of these collars are top of the line e-collars I use to train dogs daily. The 2700 T&B has the added benefit of a built in beeper to locate your dog when it is on point. 

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