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John Reid
72 Hutchison Rd. N, Mallorytown, Ontario, Canada, K0E 1R0
phone/fax: 613-659-4888
Jenny, Onpoint's Little Savage....
She is 13 weeks. We love her so much. Her paws are as big as her head.
Her eyes are magical. What a beautiful dog. Her fur is coming in. She
really is a spunky puppy. What a personality. Her training is going very
 well. I forgot what it was like having a puppy in the house.
 Thank God she sleeps through the night. We couldn't be happier. Thanks, again for Jenny. Sep 2013

She is the sweetest little thing. She adores me and I have such a connection already. My son Zach (28) came in from NY to see her and Jake (23) got home from work around that time. They took a million pictures, she is allover facebook and instagram. Everybody knew and loved Becca. They are all so happy for us. I told you when I left that this was the happiest day of my life. Thanks again so much.
Tony & Val & Jenny PA USA July 2013
 Jake loves her.
She has attacked him all day.
 July 2013
She loves Zach. July 2013
Buddy, Onpoint's Express Way
Just sending a quick Buddy update. He is doing great - growing like a weed, happy and very spoiled. He is learning to sit and whines to go outside (very few accidents in the house). We are getting a kick out his vocal expressions - especially when he is tired and wants to go to sleep. He sleeps in his crate most nights and sleeps almost 6 hours now. He definitely entertains us. He loves his walks and has had some playdates with the dogs on our street - wasn't a fan at first, especially when playing with the 4 year old boxer across the street, but now loves it and whines to play with her. He had his first vet appointment and they did find Giardia, but he has been on antibiotics and now seems fine... We are all back to school on Tuesday (including Buddy because he starts training for 6 weeks). If you are ever in town and want to check in on him, you are welcome to come by and say hi.
Sep 2013
Lori, Steve, Massimo and Buddy
Finn, Onpoint's Pluto Wealth Finn is doing very well!
Trevor P Clayton On
Aug 2013
Buddy is doing great and we couldn't be happier - tired, but really happy. He was upset during the car ride home, but has adjusted well to being with us. Started eating and drinking the evening he came home. Crate training is also going well, he has slept quietly 2 out of the 3 nights and no longer whines when we put him in during the day for his down time. Training outside is a little more challenging, but I'm sure we'll conquer that soon enough (he's not a fan of the cool evenings or wet grass in the mornings). Massimo also loves having his Buddy home and has been really great taking care of him. I've attached some pictures for you....we're pretty sure he's grown since being home with us. July 2013
Sending another update on Penny. She is doing just great! Housebreaking is coming along nicely. She only has accidents when we forget to take her out or don't answer the sniffing around call soon enough ... She is learning heel and sit very nicely. She gets walked 3-5 times a day so she sleeps soundly at nap time and night. Her favorite things to chew on are sticks, empty water bottles and cardboard boxes. I think she likes the way the water bottles crunch (when she pops them we take it away and give her a new one). She is just as sweet as can be and sleeps on Cooper for about an hour before she goes into her crate every night. We take her with us most places so she is getting used to traveling in the car and meeting other people, noises, children, bikes, etc... She is laying on my feet snoozing as I type this. She is really a great dog... Jun 2013
I am sending you some more pic's of Penny. She is a doll. We took her hiking in the Tillamook Forest, swimming in my sisters pool, and out to the dog park for some run time. Her training is going very well and she is VERY smart. Jul 2013
Penny, Onpoint's Indomitable Spirit

Thought I would send you some newer Penny pictures. She is doing just great! She has all her shots now. The third set went a lot better than the 2nd set. She has a great personality and makes us laugh every day. I can't tell you how good the laughter is for everyone in this house. Every morning she and I go for a morning run where she chases bugs and birds for an hour. Then she comes home and naps for a solid hour (as pictured). She loves to lay in the window and sun herself while I work. She is doing really well on all her training and recall is coming along very well. She has moments when she doesn't listen but she's still a baby and those are fewer and fewer. We are dogsitting my sister's Havanese and they play well together. I think that Penny likes having a buddy. Hope everything is good with you! Jennifer P Hillsboro Or USA Sep 2013
Khaleesi, Onpoint's Chicken Hearted...
Just wanted to send an update that Khaleesi is still doing great! We have had a very busy summer of traveling and exploring the mountains with her. Thanks again for our great companion and snuggle buddy:)
Kyle and Andrew Jasper AB Aug 2013
Hello from Jasper, AB
Khaleesi, Kyle & Andrew
Jun 2013
Khaleeshi, Onpoint's Chicken Hearted
Khaleesi is adjusting well! She is becoming more and more independent everyday. I am happy to be playing the role as new mother for her. We are still trying to get her less terrified of her crate. She sleeps in it for about 5 hours and then wakes up to pee and cry when she is put back in crate (thank god for earplugs. When I leave her she cries for awhile until she is too tired to cry anymore. I am sure to wait she stops crying to let her out. When she sleeps in crate she sleeps with head out so I won't close the door. Smart dog! That's all for now! Thanks for such a wonderful dog.
 Kyle and Andrew Apr 2013
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