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John Reid
72 Hutchison Rd. N, Mallorytown, Ontario, Canada, K0E 1R0
phone/fax: 613-659-4888
Spring, Onpoint's Bound for Glory
Can you believe, my girl is 12!!!! She is happy and loving her dog friendly homemade carrot cake with peanut butter frosting!! Life is good, and so grateful to have her by my side. Dogs are the BEST...... Pinkx, Onpoint's Think Pink enjoying the party too! Both had a great day......
Deb Oct 1, 2013
Riley, at 6 months...
Jocelyn D Montreal QC Oct 2013
We took Jenny to Cape Hatteras, NC last week for a fishing vacation. She ate everything on the beach. Horseshoe crabs, seagrass, mullet heads (a bait I was using). She eats everything since I brought her home. Keeps me on my toes. She is magnificient. Everyone she meets loves her and says how beautiful she is. She is very social, loves to meet other dogs. We couldn't be happier. Thanks again.
On the ferry to Ocracoke Island. Is she gorgeous or what? She must have
good genes.....HAHA. Tony & Val Oct 2013
Jenny at 15 weeks. She got her final shots yesterday and weighs 17.5 pounds. We are all crazy about her.
Sep 2013

Jenny, Onpoint's Little Savage
Here is a picture of jenny we just took. Isn't she magnificent? She weighed 25 lbs 2 weeks ago at the vet. She has more spunk than you would think possible. Absolutely out of control wonderful. She listens well 100% when she is on the lead. She heels pretty well. Understands the whoa and come command. Just the greatest dog. We love her so much. Thanks again so much. Tony & Val
Riley, Onpoint's Double Down
Just to let you Kim and John that Riley has put on a good 5lbs since his change
of diet . He seems more content also,thanks again guys! Jocelyn Nov 2013
Hank, Onpoint's Fight in the Dog
Just a quick update that Hank is growing up - 6 months and he is really thriving and starting to listen very well to commands! ... Getting abused by the girls
Hank enjoying a rare calm moment after a good walk in the fields… thought it was a cool shot and wanted to share. All the best! Mike H Ottawa On Oct 2013
Snoop, Onpoint's Drop Like ITS HOTT Settling in with Marcello... (Top right)
Snoop got her period. We tied on a pair of Christopher's boxer shorts! Hilarious!
All good so far Lisa P Portland ME Sep 2013
Josh, Onpoint Marble Rock Andress
Just a note to let you know that Josh has survived nearly three days with us and he is doing really well. He climbs up stairs easily and wisely avoids going down. When he's outdoors he is quite cautious but not fearful. You have done a beautiful job of socializing him Kim. He's a happy confident little puppy and is totally comfortable with being handled. We are both delighted with him. Nights continue to be difficult for him - either that or he just wants singing lessons. His night time concerts are generally getting shorter. We're still working on telling when he's just doing an encore and when he's saying "get me outside". Doug A Nov 2013
Gauge, Onpoint's My Way or The HWY
Enjoying his first snowfall Nov 2013.
He is growing and having so much fun; losing teeth and getting new bigger and better ones lol
Todd S Sep 2013
Amber, Onpoint's Best From The West
Amber is now an official extension to the family - my wife and I figured we now had 3 boys and a baby, but in truth it looks like we have 4 babies as the boys have never been so fond of baby toys in years. Go figure... Amber is adapting to the family very well: very playful, lots of tail wagging, not too mischievous and she already responds to a few simple commands such as her name and Come. She is very, very strong willed, especially when exploring the area outside - i very much look forward seeing her hunt! I doubt that girl will give up a scent once she is on it. We take her outside every 1 to 2 hours, every 3 hours a night, and she surprised us this afternoon by barking at the door to go relieve herself and thus receive her Good Girl caress she clearly appreciates! Michel C Montreal QC Nov 2013
Rusti, Onpoint's Breakin' on New Plans
Rusti is 9 years old.
Gail M Oct 2013
Reese aka Jelly Bean,
Onpoint's Idaho Jelly Bean
Well, I hate to be the first one to mention it, but our Reese (aka Jelly Bean) is really the prettiest of them all! Just quickly, she's doing well. She has been trying at times, but I really don't think we are the best trainers around. She has another session today with a trainer and we will be working on her not jumping up on the kitchen counters. Think we should have addressed that one a while ago. Martha D Oct 2013
Jaxxon, Onpoint's Axtion Jaxxon
A few pics of Jaxxon. He's doing great! Warm Regards, Peter Y PA USA Nov 2013
  Super Cheeks! (aka Cheeky)
Cheeky and Jinx are enjoying weekends at the cottage. They have lots of room to run and some woods to explore with a river to drink from when they're tired. This is Cheeky relaxing last night after we got home. Completely and totally asleep. LOL! All our best,Jess, Patrick, Cheekers and Jinxus.
Jabu, Onpoint's Rumblin' Rumba Dancer
Sending along a quick update. Our Jabu is maturing into quite a gentleman but takes every opportunity to amaze us with his abilities... The perfect dog. Todd P Aug 2013
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