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John Reid
72 Hutchison Rd. N, Mallorytown, Ontario, Canada, K0E 1R0
phone/fax: 613-659-4888
Vito, Onpoint's Magnificent Seven
Vito has been keeping us all extremely busy!
He settled really quickly, only 3 nights of crying in his crate. He's happy, funny, really affectionate and extremely clever and we're all in love with him. He's really friendly with strangers and loves all the attention he gets from anyone who stops to admire him. Rajha G, Vancouver, BC Dec 2013
Booger, Onpoint's Made Strong
I thought I'd take this time to tell you just how wonderful and happy Booger is and we are so happy she is part of our family. We have shortened her name to Boo, but she still hears Booger, Boogie Bear, BooBoo, Princess Booger (for obvious reasons; she thinks she's a princess), and even Oogie bear (haha), the list continues. She never stops waging her tail and the at the mention of her name the tail-wagging continues in high gear. She never stops showing all her love and affection and we couldn't not imagine our empty our lives would be without her.
...our happy and healthy, (8 year old) Boo. Sincerely, Jessica M & Family Dec 2013
Murphy, Onpoint's Turn The Page
We are doing great with Murphy! He’s growing like a weed (about 40 lbs now); 3 weeks ago before the snow.
Derek C, Toronto, On Dec 2013
Bacchus, Onpoint's Fall Out Boy
Bacchus is doing great and is taking to his crate well. He has been an eating machine from day 1 and he is growing for sure. (Nov 2013-left 2); Dec 2013 (far right) Trevor C, Pembroke, On Dec 2013
Sadie, Onpoint's Autumn Sweater
Sadie is doing great.... two photos we took a few weeks ago. She was so tired sitting on Jay’s lap and when we tickled her belly her hind legs went straight out in the air and stayed there while she slept. We laughed so hard.... Thanks for a great puppy. Jill & Jay & Family, Brockville On Dec 2013
Khaleesi, Onpoint's Chicken Hearted
Khaleesi is 6 months!
We just spent the long weekend at our cabin. She had a lots of fun swimming in the water. She is learning to jump off the dock and using the ladder to get back up. Her other training is coming along great too. She is happy to please us so that works to our benefit.She loves the dog park. She has regular play dates with her buddies: Bella the husky and mistaya the German pointer. Her favorite game is to be chased as she is usually the fastest.
 She gets spaded in two days. I'll keep you posted how it all goes.
Kyle, Andrew and Khaleesi Sep 2013
Winter has arrived and to my surprise Khaleesi is loving it! Nov 2013
Hello from snowy Jasper. khaleesi and Watson finally have met and are best of buds:) here is a cute shot. Merry Christmas 2013
 We made it home. Sadie had a big play and is know passed out on her pillow. You could see her starting to fade as she played. You could see that she didn’t know where to go to lay down. She crawled up on Jay and laid down and closed her eyes. Nov 2013
Sammy, Onpoint's Sweet Child O'Mine
Lindsay F Dec 2013
Elliott, Onpoint's Shoot for the Moon Seasons Greetings! Almost 9 months!
Annabel and Bob Etobicoke On Dec 2013
Major, Onpoint's Hired Hand
Mark and I just wanted to send you a quick update on Major and how he's adjusting to life in Cambridge. You'll be glad to know he's doing great! Sleeping through the night since night 2, eating like a champ and absolutely hilarious! We'd like to believe he's almost potty trained since he does 90% of his business outside but I'm sure we have a few more days to go. He loves the kids and the 3 of them play, run and are just all around rowdy - it's awesome to watch! They tire each other out which makes us very happy! Hahaha.
He's not a fan of going for walks or the crate just yet but we're working on him and it's getting better day by day. As you can tell by the pictures, he LOVES his new bed we bought him on the way home from your place. He has his afternoon/evening naps in it and gets into the strangest positions. He also has his 10 week shots scheduled for next Saturday and obedience classes start on the 14th! (Very excited for that as the instructor has a 9 year old female vizsla. I think that's about it from us for now! We want to thank you both for everything. We love Major to pieces and can't wait to watch him grow with our family.
 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you both! The Day Family Dec 2013
Milo, Onpoint's Grand Theft Autumn
We just wanted to touch base and let you know how great everything has been going with 'Milo' during our first 2 weeks. It only took about 3 days for him to become almost completely potty trained! He loves his crate, and pretty much only cries at night when he genuinely needs to go outside…but he sleeps almost through the nights now.
 The kids adore hime…and he's real gentle with them (and them with him). He certainly has a tendency to nip a little when he's trying to play, but we are working at correcting that. At 11 weeks, he can sit, and come most times he's called. We're scheduling his second round of shots this week, so we can enrol in puppy training.
We could not be happier with little Milo….he's everything we could have hoped for.
 Dave & Tracy Ottawa On Nov 2013
Pinks, Onpoint's Think Pink & Spring, Onpoint's Bound for Glory
Hi Guys,Wanted to make you laugh with some Xmas pictures, Spring is 12 and Pinkx is 4.5yrs now.
Just so you know, they do not go without on Xmas!! Happy New Years! Deb Calif. Jan 2014
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