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Customers & friends sharing special Vizsla moments & memories.
Loki, Onpoint's A Great Notion
The ultimate dog, Loki is content, fit, and healthy at a muscular 55-57 lbs. He's very gentle with the kids and spends a lot of time in cahoots with our 2 1/2 year-old son Jack. As popular as ever with the soldiers at work, I've included my latest Troop photo where is featured front and centre.
Sarah & Nick K Oromocto New Brunswick Feb 2014
Onpoint's Chicken Hearted
Happy 1st Birthday to my child, my love, my companion, my daughter, my everything, my baby, my muse, my obsession, my cuddle buddy, my queen!!!! Thanks Onpoint for bringing this baby into our lives. Mar 2014
Here are a few photo updates of Khaleesi! She is doing great and is still our Queen!
Kyle and Andrew
Jan & Feb 2014
Bacchus, Onpoint's Fall Out Boy
Trevor PC Petawawa On Feb 2014
Jenny, Onpoint's Little Savage
Here is a picture of my Jenny. She is 38 pounds and absolutely the greatest dog. We all love her so much. What an attitude. She looks like Rise> sometimes with the intensity on her face. Thanks so much for letting me have her.
Tony & Val W Feb 2014
Buddy, Onpoint's Kin of the Bull
Buddy & William chillaxin watching AFV. Buddy is wiped out after a busy day at Paw and Order doggy care.
Lisa McCarthy Feb 2014
Riley, Onpoint's Double Down
Relaxing, after a run in the woods and supper, down for the night
Jocelyn D Montreal QC Feb 2014
Onpoint's Day of the Outlaw
Trigger, now 4+ months old, is doing fantastic. He is growing up quickly and is in good spirits and health. I wanted to extend my gratitude for selecting such a well suited dog for me. Trigger is keen and energized, yet very well mannered and good natured. The recommendation I received to use Onpoint, was for good reason. During the difficult first few weeks of puppy-hood, I was grateful for Kim's open-ended support.
Keep up the good service,
Quinn R
 Toronto On Feb 2014
Run, Onpoint's Tuff Won in Full Run
Magnus, That Old Black Magic
Just a quick update on Run and Magnus:
Run: She's doing very well! If I had to choose a boss between her and Magnus, it would be her. Magnus accepts it though so no actual fights. Run attended Level 1 Obedience with me in the fall. As she is a bit challenged by her hind leg, she couldn't do everything right away but she is really good at staying calm in class. To be honest, the class was more for me than anything as it's been awhile.
Magnus: He's his regular happy-go-lucky self. He's definitely warming up to Run. I was afraid he might start misbehaving when he realized that she was staying but he didn't. We took a Holiday Manners course as a refresher (again - mostly for me) and he did very well. We're enjoying both of them!!!! I've included a couple of pics: Both at Christmas (Run's not big on posing for pics); Run doing her favourite outdoor activity - running.
Sincerely, Carol A Ottawa Jan 2014
Frankie, Onpoint's Man in the Mirror
Just wanted to share a few photos of our sweet Frank (gotten from you about 5 years ago) We love him dearly,
especially little Elliot pictured here with Frank on the beach, and Maisie with him in the sunshine. Wishing you all the very best and hope you are well, Erin (Erin Wallis Photography) Vancouver BC Jan 2014
Ildi, Onpoint's Goody Goody
A quick update on Ildi (Goodygoody): She has been very patient and resilient traveling the world with us over the last few years…making her homes and friends in Calgary, Palm Springs, Tucson, Park City and Paris. Now she seems thrilled to be settled out on Vancouver Island ripping around through the rainforest trails twice a day, swimming in the local lake and getting down to the beach and ocean. She is a great ambassador for the breed and your breeding program and everyone who meets her asks questions and comments on what a beautiful dog she is! Thanks,
Chad and Amanda J Calgary AB Jan 2014
Butter, Onpoint's Head Butt
We had a family get together Saturday night and we all sang happy birthday to Butter. He loves vanilla cupcakes! He also did great at Christmas. Saw a lot of people, didn't mess with the tree and he was spoiled by his aunt, uncle and grandparents.
We love him so much. He is a joy.
Stay warm! Kristine and Dave
 Jan 2014
Misha, Onpoint's Missouri Breaks,
 She is doing amazing. She settled in very quickly, and became part of our family immediately! Her training has come very quick and easy for her. Our trainer was amazed at how advanced she was and how quickly she learned. She sleeps through the night, is completely potty trained, and loves to run and play. She is the centre of attention wherever we go, and she loves it! She is an amazing, energetic, loveable, and sometimes crazy puppy. Thank you both for such an amazing dog. We love our 'Velcro' puppy and can't wait to watch her grow.
Mike, Megan, Misha, & Milo
Victoria, B.C, Jan. 2014
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