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Customers & friends sharing special Vizsla moments & memories.
Well Zephyr just celebrated his 5th birthday. He's doing great. I couldn't ask for a more loving companion and he has been wonderful with our grandsons and loves to play with other dogs. He's put on a little bit of weight - it's been really difficult to run him out back with the snow we've had this year. We are getting out more now and it's coming off. I've included a picture from just before Christmas.
 Thanks Patricia B Apr 2014
So we are coming to the end of a long winter. Snoop, (Onpoint's Drop Like ITS HOTT) now Able, is now an inseparable part of our family. She comes to work with me almost everyday and has made a ton of new friends. She was at first painfully shy but now thinks she owns the place, both at work and at home. Her and Cello have an hilarious relationship. He try's to tell her what to do, she obeys, then waits till he's not looking and does what ever she wants. She insists on sleeping with him, he growls, then grumbles, then lets her snuggle in. We spent our first day at the off leash beach the other day. She didn't quite get the waves... She'd go up and sniff the weird smelling water then run from the waves in terror! But she had a blast chasing the seagulls and the weird little designer sweater dogs that she also can't quite figure out. She's obsessed with small dogs? Is it a puppy? Is it a squirrel? We are beginning to really trust her off leash, which is great for the long trail walks we take at our camp.
I'm really looking forward to the upcoming summer of mushroom foraging with her, both here and in the Pacific Northwest, and was thinking of doing some truffle training with her to see if she takes to it. They say bird dogs are great truffle hunters. Hope all's well on your end. Happy Spring! Lisa P Mar 2014
Roux has made CBC and CTV about 5 or 6 times now. Vizslas are a real treat to photograph but you
 have to be ready as they are almost always action shots. Roux was a real challenge for us but I am probably more attached to this guy than I ever was with my goldens, and I was really attached to them. It's probably because Roux was so much work, and still is sometimes, but he give a lot back in return. He is still an anxious dog and you have to know how to handle him, and you also have to pick your battles, but he is so much easier now, at 3.5 years, and I expect it will get better. He is quirky as hell, but mostly, he makes us laugh. The other positive is that he is absolutely fantastic with our 2 grandchildren as he loves children and is very gentle with them. Paul. Apr 2014
Hello Everyone at Onpoint,
 Thorn (Onpoint's Wild Thorn) celebrated his 12th birthday on February 9th,2014. He is still going strong, a little slower on the walks
and his eyesight is not what is use to be but his heart is still as big as ever.
Thorn has lost is best companion Lucy this past month, she passed away after a hard battle with Hyperthyroidism. Thorn misses her greatly and so do we.
We will keep sending you updates over the next year as we know that each day we have with Thorn at this age and time in his life is a gift which we are blessed to have. Enjoy the latest pictures taken on his birthday one of which he is about to eat his all yam cake. Please send Barry our regards and thanks again for giving us the joy of Thorn.
 Q: How fast has eight years gone bye? A: As fast as Thorn could run .......
Natalie, Brian & Johanna Mar 2014
Couple more pictures of Palmer.
 Palmer, the Clown: He has to be at eye level, couch, table chairs. Palmer, the Lap Dog: My dog for hunting, rest of the time he is Beth's, so jealous
 Mar 2014
Roux the Crazy Vizla Mar 2014
Regards from Jax, Onpoint's Axtion Jaxxon. Best, Peter May 2014
Hi Kim and John,
It's been awhile so, thought we would send you an update on Buddy. He's absolutely adorable and full of beans - keeping us on our toes, but training has been going well. Almost nine months old and looking like a full grown dog! When we take him for walks, people can't believe he's still a puppy. We are loving having him as part of our family and he really is a "velcro" dog - loves snuggling with us - especially Massimo and whines when all of us aren't home. We're toying with the idea of leaving him for a few days and escaping winter, but he is so attached to us, not too sure how he'll handle overnights without us around. Guess we have to try sooner or later.
With the weather being too cold for outdoor playtime, he's been going to doggy daycare and loves it. Runs to the door every time one of us gets ready to go out because he thinks it's time to go play with his friends. Can't wait for spring so he can run free at dog parks. We'll keep in touch since it's getting closer to his birthday and almost time for his "surgery" Lori, Steven and Massimo Jan 2014
Kim, I've seen an unbelievable change in Cedar, Onpoint's Outlasted, over the last month. He has calmed down quite a bit. He actually will calmly sit by my son while he reads a book. This moment was so shocking I needed to take a picture. He spends very little time in his crate, usually only if we are eating, not home or at night. I think we are all on the same page now. It couldn't come at a better time because we are expecting another little one in May. Also Cedar is getting neutered next month. That will be his belated birthday present (poor guy). My husband takes him out in the woods and mountain bikes while Cedar chases after him. That's their new thing. He loves it. It's a great way to poop him out.
 I can't believe he is a year old in a couple weeks.Thanks, Brittany Victoria, BC Mar 2014
Hottie, Onpoint's Sure Hot
 Hope this note finds you both well. We just celebrated Hottie's birthday and she is doing well. Her surgery last summer went very well so I suppose you could say that she is officially out of the puppy business. Her favorite indoor activities are snuggling, staring at squirrels, and attempting to mooch food. She has this quirky, spastic indoor personality but a no nonsense strictly business persona outside. She loves the 750 acre park near our house and does a happy dance every time she senses she is about ready do go for a walk there. In any event I just wanted to thank you both again for Hottie. She is the sweetest little soul and we love her dearly. By for now.
 David B. Mar 2014
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