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Customers & friends sharing special Vizsla moments & memories.
Today we had to let go of our fairest friend Dakar.
 After a few months of declining health, we were told he was essentially full of cancer. He was fighting hard to show us he was OK but after a bad night last night and no improvement by this morning we knew it was upon us to end his pain and suffering. This was the most remarkable thing about him; absolute selflessness- and we believe the biggest lesson we all have to learn from such a great creature- that life in its essence- is about giving.
 We are so saddened to have to let him go. But we are also filled with so much joy and want to celebrate the almost 8 years that he so greatly enriched our lives.
 Anyone who knew him, knows how much joy he brought to our lives and to everyone’s lives- so many people we simply met in passing on our walks, hikes and bike rides, were brought to glee and almost laughter just to see his shining face and experience his awesome loving presence.
 Strength, happiness and joy. Living in the present moment. He was a magnificent creature that taught us so much.
 We are so grateful to have shared his life with him.
 We are so grateful to Lindsay who helped steer us to this breed.
We are so grateful to Michael and Meghan, who helped walk him and care for him in Ottawa. And for Kristi and Ryan and Leena too, who helped Dak-sit in BC. And to everyone else who opened their doors and hearts.
 We are so grateful that he taught us about moving and being physical everyday, about the importance of getting fresh air. About forgiving easily and taking every day for all it’s worth; ‘living like somebody left the gate open’…. Or- Living like you have nothing to lose.
 We are so grateful that he taught us about responsibility (and shared responsibility) in his early days in Ottawa.
We are so grateful that he taught us to get out and explore and relish the BC wilderness. And grateful that he kept us safe while camping albeit, in his noisy way.
 We are grateful that he was able to go today, with our memories of him so vividly alive.
 We are grateful to everyone who has shared moments with him and with us, who has helped care for him along the way and shown patience. He is such a bright light for us. Such a great spirit.
 We don’t have much room for sorrow: why cry for a soul set free. But if you would like to have a drink in his honor- we seek nothing more than remembrance in community. Blessings. And gratitude.
 Dakar. February 26, 2006 - March 9, 2014 Love, Dave & Jess
Kim and John,
I figured his first birthday was a great time to give you an update on Munson (aka: Onpoint's Relentless Motion). He continues to do very well and has really become part of the family. He and the kids (age 8 and 11) get along great and he and I have become training buddies as I prepare for a triathlon. He's been a great companion on my runs and just stares intensely at me wondering what I'm doing on the indoor spinner for my bike. As I wrote at the six month mark, he's incredibly smart and also continues with a strong stubborn streak. Thanks for providing us with a great companion and part of our family. Pat B & Family. Apr 2014
Hi Kim, Hi John,
Jenny, Onpoint's Little Savage, is almost 11 months. She got spayed a few months ago and she weighs
about 38 lbs. We are all crazy about her. I'm going to take her soon to work with live birds and to be around gunshots. Thanks again for this amazing dog. Tony & Val Apr 2014
Dear John and Kim
It's been awhile. Reese, Onpoint's Idaho Jelly Been, is just about 14 months old now.
We have had a few changes around here. Around Christmastime we added a new member to our family - Jersey Girl. It was rather sudden and without much aforethought. One night as Reese, formerly the Antichrist, now my horse, was laying across our bed, my husband suggested that one of us had to go. I declared that the only way we could get her out of our bed was to get her a friend. So at that point we went about finding Reese a new toy. As luck has it, we fell into great forture. We decided that we could not find an acceptable Vizsla if it did not come from you,(and of course we could not wait another minutre), so a German Shorthair it would be. Well, it turned out to be a great decision. Reese and Jersey are inseperable and now sleep together in their pen - as well, of course, on our furniture. Reese took her on as if she were her mother. I have included a few photos.
Now for Reese. She is an exceptional dog. It goes without mentioning that she is stunningly beautiful. But her temperment is ideal. So loving, so willing to please. And she is without a doubt the best dog on the trail I have ever owned. She is my baby.
Now for the rest of the story. She still jumps up on me, on the furniture, on everybody. She whines a lot when not given immediate attention. She still does not walk on a leash. And she is so unbelievably strong that she can overpower me on or off the leash. And she is still destructive in the yard - sprinklers, shrubs, flowers, hoses, and even trees. She will sit and stay - as long as there is a treat in store. I can hear you now. This is poor training. And we know this. So next week Reese is going to boot camp....
Reese more than anything wants to please. But yet I can't win on these essential behaviours. Honestly, she is so much better, but still unruly to the point is is almost impossible for us to have guests over. I do know that she is spoiled. And that worries me that she will not get that with the trainer. I fear she will think we are punishing her. You can see the mixed feelings I have about this. And you can probably read into this that I would love to have your blessing regarding this issue. I cannot ever recall loving a dog this much. She will be without a doubt the best dog I have every owned. Maybe she already is. Kim, you were very kind and guided me through even before Reese arrived. Thank you. I know you must be on to more litters and more owners, but please know that Reese is in good hands and dearly loved. Martha Apr 2014
This our boy you have and made us so happy with. We will be sending you some professional photos we got taken soon. Hope you enjoy this. Rosa S BC May 2014
Hi guys, I hope all is well. Milo is doing fantastic! He is certainly high energy and a little stubborn but full of personality. Here are some recent pics of Milo. Cheers, Dave and Tracy M Ottawa May 2014
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Hi There!
 Lucy, Onpoint`s Not My Billie Jean... Yesterday was Lucy's 5th birthday (Hotty and Rowdy's litter 2009), so it got me thinking back to when we first got her. Which brought me to your website again :). Lucy is so sweet and gentle. Everyone that meets her absolutely loves her and I'm so glad that we made the decision to choose a vizsla for our family pet. We've met lots of folks who have had or have onpoint vizslas and she is recognized right away! Little children always come to her and she lets them pet her and hug her and loves all the attention. She still thinks she's a 5lb lap dog (this may be my doing ;)) and loves to cuddle in the chair with me every evening! We love her to pieces and enjoy every minute with her and her sweet soul. Here are some pictures! Take Care The Vienneau's Jun 2014