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John Reid
72 Hutchison Rd. N, Mallorytown, Ontario, Canada, K0E 1R0
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Customers & friends sharing special Vizsla moments & memories.
Onpoint's Passive Casanova... We are utterly in love! Sarah K Jun 2014
Hi John,
I just wanted to bring you up-to-date now that Mayan, Onpoint’s Deal Maker, is turning 8 years old in a couple of weeks. It is hard to believe that so much time has passed since we brought him home as a puppy. He is still a great companion and an excellent dog. His face is getting white, but his new “sister”, a long coat German Shepherd, keeps him young with lots of play time.
So far this year, he has participated in Flyball, Agility and Demonstration events.
Mayan is still very active in Flyball. He just received his “Flyball Grand Master” title a few weeks ago. He is one of only 6 Vizslas in North America to receive this title, and the only Canadian Vizsla. He has participated in 6 flyball events so far this year (including Napanee last weekend), and is entered in 3 future events in Canada and the US. He now runs a half second or so slower than when he was in his prime, but he almost never makes a mistake and always brings the ball back. Everyone loves to watch him going over the jumps with his ears and legs flying and letting out his distinctive hound baying sound.
 With Agility, although he trained when he was younger, he just started competing in agility trials this spring. All we did was give him a couple of refresher courses and he was good to compete. On his first outing in April, he was entered in two events, and got a “Q” (qualifying score) in both, and first place. In his second outing in May, he got one more “Q”.
He is a starter dog and a veteran all in one. My daughter is his trainer and handler.
Mayan’s favourite events are dog sport demonstrations. He is a versatile performer and a real crowd pleaser. His favourite part is the “pat and chat” after the performance.I have attached a few recent photos of Mayan enjoying himself at events, and around the house. Regards, Tom T Caledon ON Jul 2014
Good Afternoon Kim and John,
Run, Onpoint's Tuff Won in Full Run & Magnus, That Old Black Magic
I meant to send you an update much earlier but the time has gotten away from me.Run's been living with us for a full year now and I can hardly remember what it was like to have only one dog. One Vizsla is great, two Vizslas is even better! After the horrible, cold winter it's been really nice to get out and be able to stay out longer! There were some days that I could tell that the cold was not helping Run's back knee but the warmth is surely helping. I'm working on something for next year - we'll see how that goes.
As always, she is living up to her name - she loves to run everywhere and if it's in the bush, even better.She's getting along well with Magnus; she doesn't let him push her around (not that he's pushy) and of the two, she's definitely the boss - which can be highly entertaining to watch.
Every day I'm grateful that you let her live with us and happy we decided to adopt her. She makes me smile (and laugh) all the time. Same for Magnus, of course but that goes without saying.
I've enclose a few pics of Run and one of Magnus. Hope you are well!
Sincerely, Carol A Ottawa Jun 2014
Zeus, Onpoint's Watermat...
Just thought I'd send some photos of Zeus! We are so happy that he is a part of our family. Cheers and enjoy the rest of the weekend!
Jun 2014The Thormans
Thought I'd send along a picture of Sammy, Onpoint's Sweet Child O'Mine - she's doing amazing at agility (I have a huge lineup if people that want her if I ever have to get rid of her lol) Our team challenge was this weekend and we took first in every event!!
 Lindsay F Jun 2014
Hi guys! Murphy, aka onpoint's Untamed Admeetus, is doing really well!! Since we got him neutered back in December, he's been settling down when it comes to playing with other dogs and he's been amazing! We love taking him to the dog park and in the forests off leash. He's incredible at playing fetch and could do it for hours. Loving this warm weather, and Murphy is too! That means more cottage time! We'd love to come by sometime and let Murphy meet some of his extended family! Hope all is well:) take care!!
 Tammy, Jarrett and Murphy! Jun 2014
Ginger, Onpoint's Hot Little Number
 Thought you might like this. Alden FL.
May 2014
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Roxy Tessa has been wonderful and is adjusting very well to her new life in the States Larry M NY. Jul 2014
Hi Kim and John,
Hannah, Onpoint's Big Rig...First of all I have to say that I love the name Big Rig!! That nickname is going to stick! Hannah is doing great. I have to say that the first night was brutal, we did not get much sleep! Every night is getting much better though thankfully. She had wet paper in her crate the first day but it's been dry ever since. She has only had a couple of accidents in the house. Maddie, our Springer has been really good with her too. She is a fantastic addition to our family! Thanks for everything!
The Burleys Jul 2014