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Customers & friends sharing special Vizsla moments & memories.
Ollie, Onpoint's Controversial Piracy,
Just wanted to send along some pictures of little Ollie. He is doing well and we are absolutely in love. He is a handful though so it is a good thing that he is so cute! :) We are looking forward to him having his next set of shots so we can take him out and about. For now he is quite content exploring our yard (and on occasion our neighbours'). He is an excellent gardener and loves digging in the garden along side of me. He also likes to help out cutting the grass diligently following me up and down every row. We are also looking forward to being able to train him on the invisible fence so that we don't worry about him with the road. He sticks pretty close by right now but he is getting faster and braver by the day! Hope you are having a great summer and enjoying a little down time now that the puppies are in their new homes. Allison & Ryan Aug 2012
Harvey, Onpoint's Enviable Position... Just thought I would let you know that Harvey - yup, that's what we called him! - is settling in to his new home. He's been on several adventures since we picked him up on Saturday, the most recent of which was playing with our cat, Dante, this afternoon. The two of them are hilarious together! The house and crate training are going well. He knows what to do when we bring him outside to the grass and he whimpered less last night which was great! He didn't eat all of his food yesterday but his appetite seems to have improved today.
I've attached a few pictures we've taken so far of the lil' guy. We love him so much!
Thanks for bringing him into our lives. Hope you, John, and all the other puppies are doing well.
Heidi & Matt Toronto Jul 2014
Just thought we would send an update on how Harvey is doing. He's doing very well with the house training and we've started to train him to sit, stay, and come. We love him to bits and pieces and he's brought us so much joy over the last couple of weeks. I've attached a couple of recent photos so you can see how quickly he's growing up!
We are struggling with the crate training though. He's doing really well during the night now (we typically get 6 hrs of uninterrupted sleep!) but he's barking a lot during the day when we're not at home. We have someone visit him twice a day to give him a pee/play break and do all kinds of tricks to keep him quiet (his crate is covered with a towel, music is playing, we give him a Kong with peanut butter, spray with Adaptil, and are reinforcing quiet/calm behaviour when we're home with his food). Thanks and hope you're well.
Heidi Aug 2014
Logan, Onpoint's Little Tanker...
Yesterday was a pretty good day and today is progressing well also.
I'm tired, I think I'm going to have to learn to take 'puppy naps' the next couple of days.
Onward...Judith A Vancouver Aug 2014
Vadie, Onpoint's Misdemeanor Larceny... All good and crate at night getting a little better each night.
 Sue B Kingston On Aug 2014
Vadie, got to smell pretty for my new owners....
Vadie, one final run at Onpoint...
Tin, Onpoint's Boutilier Bobtail,
Just wanted to touch base and let you know that Tin is settling in just fine here in St. John's. His energy levels are up and he seems very comfortable in his new surroundings!! He is definitely not shy to get into things :)We got six hours of sleep straight through in the crate last night - a big improvement even over three nights. Feeding in the crate has been difficult…Tin hasn't eaten much since his arrival but eats more and more eat time in the crate. We figure this will come.
 We are having a blast with him!!!
Emma and Joe B St Johns NL Aug 2014
On my way.....
Tin made it! He is doing great!
Krakker, Onpoint's Graham Krakker, made it safe and sound, full of spit and vinegar. He's bouncing everywhere Matthew H. Wasilla Alaska
Hi Dad!
Hi John and Kim,
 Sadie, Onpoint's Autumn Sweater... Hope your summer is going well.
We had Sadie up at our Camp in Ompah on the week-end. From the pictures you can see it was hard on her. Hopefully we haven’t wrecked her training as she was pretty intense on hunting moths. Jay & Jill Jul 2014
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Onpoint's New Echo of Toro
He's amazing. Love at first sight Melissa W NJ. Aug 2014