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John Reid
72 Hutchison Rd. N, Mallorytown, Ontario, Canada, K0E 1R0
phone/fax: 613-659-4888
Bodi, Onpoint's Rowdy Attitude...Its been almost 3 years now and we are loving life with Bodi. Geoff and I have gotten really into training Bodi for Field and Obedience (both of which he excels at) and I wanted to send you a picture of him in the field earlier last month. He is showing a lot of style and intensity these days.
C Keever Vancouver BC October 2011-April 2012
Bentley, Onpoint's Tom Foolery
 He is ridiculously smart and energetic (aka Vizsla)
Lorna N Dundas On Nov 2011-Mar 2012
Bella, Onpoint's Endless Summer Storm. Bella will be 9 months in March. This is my son Anthony with Bella and the first quail we shot over her. Intro to guns went so well we planted birds and shot. She found them all. She hunts VERY big- ie covers a lot of ground and is hard to keep up with. Very proud of her. Couldn't have done it without Anthony's help either. Thanks for another great memory. Kenny Florida Mar 2012
 It has been an absolute joy having Gibson (rescue Vizsla) as part of our growing family, and I am pretty sure he is enjoying being a part of it as well. He's a happy dog - always in good spirits!Anyhow, I just wanted to touch base and let you both know he is still doing very well!
Andrew C
 Timmins, ON Feb 2012
Roux, Onpoint's Uluru Dux Kata
is doing well. He is a very happy and active vizsla during the day and our couch potato/lap dog at night. He is huge! He is now 66 pounds; no fat; all muscle on his tall and long, lanky body. He is such a big boy
Curtis & Veronica M
Kingston On Jan 2012
Chaos has adjusted quite well to the family and so have we. We just love the cuddly guy to bits.
 Lorelei A Nov 2011
  Lucy, Onpoint`s Not My Billie Jean. ...a couple pictures of Lucy and our sweet Liam. He's growing so fast and now is starting to reach out for Lucy! Lucy loves her new brother, except when he cries she runs for her recliner downstairs until the coast is clear! ... we look forward to seeing you again! Alyson R Stittsville On Dec 2011
Onpoint's Summer Ruby. Just a quick up date. She is a lot of puppy. Coming along nicely. Loves to please with her training. On the 24th we got her a present-A baby sister. She loves her. Carol & Carl D Waterloo On Dec 2011
Chester, Onpoint's New Classic, is doing great at our home and has put in a couple of pounds over the last few months. Over the Summer he learned how to swim and just loves the water. We are lucky to have a conservation area close by and we run there every day for about an hour, and in the summer and fall he would just jump in the lake for a swim. Andy L Brampton On Dec 2011
Zoey, Onpoint's Crazy Like No Other. Trevor & Kim Teeswater On Dec 2011
Miss Maple, Onpoint's Meal Ticket,
Jessie New Westminister BC Nov 2011
Gunner, Onpoint's Takin the Longshott
is absolutely loving country life. He's been ripping through fields of beans and wheat for a month now and probably thinks he's died & gone to heaven. Joe T On. Oct 2011
Hello Onpoint... Itís Newím. Son of Newman.

I left Outpoint on a sunny day August 7, 2009. Wow time flies. I canít believe it has been just over 2 years since I started my life in the city. Boy was I scared. A long car ride home, to smells and sounds I had no idea what they were, buses and cars and other big scary things that took me awhile to get use to but now it feels like home. I was crate trained for a few months, but now I get to run free in the house. I went to dog obedience school and passed with flying colours. It took me a few weeks to understand I canít pee in the house. That wasnít making my family very happy. My family takes really good care of me. I go to the dog park every day where I run and play with other dogs and even Vizslas just like me or for a big walk in the woods where I get to smell all those interesting smells and maybe chase a rabbit or two. Our home backs on to a creek and sometimes I even see Deers and there are always squirrels and chipmunks to chase. I donítí bark at the neighbours anymore because now they are my friends.
I get to go on great vacations up to the cottage, where I get to lay on the dock in the sun, chase the ducks and even go fishing. They wouldnít find them without me.

I have found out that dog beds are sooooooooooo comfortable. And sometimes I get to cuddle up in the big bed with my family. My social skills took a lot of work and are still a work in progress. I donít like strange people coming into my house and Iím figuring out who my friends and family are.

One thing I really donít like is whistles of any kind. I go and hide and shake and shake and shake. Sunday football has changed forever in this household. My family is working with me on that and Iím responding to them better when Iím out running free at the dog park. My family changed my name to JD but everyone calls me Jack and I think it really suits me. Hope all is well in MallorytownÖÖÖÖSay hi to all my old kennel mates.

Love Jack Dec 2011
Duchess, Onpoint's Run To the Hills, Chris S Oakville Ont Mar 2012
Fynn, Onpoint's Man of the House.
 He is settling in great and has wormed his way into our hearts already. We just love him so much! He has such a funny little personality. He is well on his way to being potty trained. No newspaper, just straight outside and he is now going to the door and whining when he wants to go out.
 Denise D Ottawa On Feb 2012
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