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John Reid
72 Hutchison Rd. N, Mallorytown, Ontario, Canada, K0E 1R0
phone/fax: 613-659-4888
Scout, Onpoint's Summerday Scout
On the occasion of Scout's 2nd birthday (June 4th), I thought it would be nice to give you an update on Scout's progress via a video I posted on YouTube and the attached pictures.
Last Autumn was Scout's first hunting season. As expected, he did great and we bagged 34 pheasants. He covered so much more ground than the other Vizsla we hunted with. It was apparent he possessed the genes of his field Champion father. I am also proud to report that Scout earned his Junior Hunter title with all qualifying braces scoring 8's or 9's. On one weekend he earned three ribbons in a row, more than any other dog attending. Unfortunately, on one brace the winds were blowing and swirling over 55 miles per hour and no dog for several consecutive braces found a bird. They had to change the course. Several judges and other breeders came to me and asked where Scout came from. Many of them recognized the Onpoint name and commented that explained why he performed so well. After one brace the judges came to me and said that he was the best dog they saw all day (after 11 braces). One judge went on to say that I should compete in field trials with him. A couple of weeks later I entered him in a walking derby and he won 4th place. Needless to say, he has made me very proud and thankful to you.
Although he has proven to be an exceptional hunter and competitor, I think the thing we are most impressed with is his intelligence, self confidence and alertness. He is always looking up at us with those inquisitive eyes trying to understand everything that is going on. He learns extremely fast, is great at problem solving and reminds me of a German Shepherd I once had. I wouldn't be surprised if he was Alpha in his litter because he is extremely intense and determined and will at times use his intelligence to defy us and try to get his own way. He is a great companion whose favorite place to be at bed time is under the covers leaning against us (A habit we cannot always accommodate.) All in all, we love him very much and he has been a joy to raise and have as a companion these last two years. I cannot thank you enough for him.
As for Scout's future, I would like to see him reach his full potential and continue to train and compete with him. However, I realize that to reach the next level he will have to be "broken" which will require extensive, high quality training. Unfortunately, this is not possible with the trainer I have been taking him to. I need to find another one with whom I am comfortable to leave Scout with for an extended period of time. If you are aware of any in the Northwest I would appreciate any recommendations you might have. I am retired and very flexible with the ability to travel.
Thank you again for giving us an exceptional dog. I hope to have many more positive updates to send you as the years progress. Sincerely, Ken M Vancouver, WA Jun 2013
Scout, Onpoint's Summerday Scout
YouTube Video - Vizsla Hunting Scout
Click Here
Hank, Onpoint's Fight in the Dog
Good news!

Rest assured you will not get daily reports but I did want to mention we arrived home safe and sound (only a little vomit along the ride) & bought a new bag of dog food! Oops!!

Hank has been great and pee'd a couple of times in the house but pooped in the grass three times, pee'd a couple more, ate dinner with much enthusiasm (we will increase a tad tomorrow). He ran around like mad trying every new toy and we minimized the "stocking" girls who are in 7th heaven (and getting use to new rules!). Funnily, he came to rest on my lap and slept, I tried to put him in the crate, he awoke, looked at me like WTF and crawled back onto me. Too funny! In less than a day I now remember how much love a dog adds to a family and home... life is good. Thank you!
Mike H May2013
Our sweet but devilish little boy!
Hanging out in the kitchen!
Elliott, Onpoint's Shoot for the Moon
Annabel G Etobicoke On Jul 2013
Run, Onpoint's Tuff Won In Full Run
Run's being doing very well! I think I mentioned this but she is definitely living up to her name! She's always on the trot!
We spent our first whole weekend at the cottage this Fri - Sun. She spent most of the days exploring the woods and seems to be attracted to mud and marsh - which is fine - just means she gets sprayed down before going to bed. :-)
I got her in the water a couple of times - she's still not to sure about it when it touches her tummy but she'll gladly walk around if it's not past her knees - her swimming is a work in progress.
Last week she also finally noticed some of the ducks that we occasionally see on the bay - that was very entertaining!
Carol A Ottawa On Jul 2013
Run was adopted by Carol & Magnus, Onpoint's That Old Black Magic
Bo, Onpoint's All I Want To Do
Just a quick note to let you know that Bo is adjusting really well! First night he cried a bit in his crate, but last night he didn't make a sound til 5:30 am! Didn't even pee in his bed! He is eating and drinking, no problem there! He gets along great with our other dog, charley! He's doing well in the crate on the most part and as most of his naps in there, with a scattered few on the sofa! ;-) All in all, things are going great and he has already became a big part of our family!
Tammy & Shawn Jul 2013
Willow, Onpoint's Crazy Beautiful &
Rowdie, Mama He's Crazy
Hi. All going really well. They are starting to get along well. Lots of sniffs and pawing at each other. Rowdie (mama he's crazy) thinks she is a new toy so is needing lots of supervised play.
Paul & Dawn H Calgary AB Jul 2013
Gauge, Onpoint's Red Rubber Ball
Sloan Family Jul 2013
Charlie, Onpoint's Crazy Charlie
Charlie is doing very well I believe. She went through a tough time of SA for three months. Fortunately everyone here wanted her to do well, since she would yell for one, two, or three hours. If she was alone she did not. She goes to our Day Care on Mon. and Thur. with an extra day on rare occasions. She may walk with the owner to pick up other dogs, giving her a chance to go the PO, local inn all on our main street. She is perfectly content with us being out, and three hours is probably the longest. There is not a dog that she does not like. Apparently she does not have an Alpha bone in her body. However she is smarter than most, faster and can outlast each one in the group. As you have guessed I am very glad she is with us. Jane G Hancock NH Jul 2013
Buddy, Onpoint's Kin of the Bull
Buddy turned one this week and he is such a handsome man! He brings much joy, activity , and fun to us. Elizabeth M New Maryland NB Jul 2013
Zoey aka Zee, Onpoint's Crazy Like No Other
...I remember after her first training session I asked you when she would start to calm down. You said most dogs are 2 years but ours would be 3! You were right, just coming up on 3 years old in a couple weeks and we've finally seen a big change in her. We now spend evenings on the front porch with her off leash so she can watch the birds and bugs fly around and she doesn't act like an idiot!
Zee has been doing well on the birds. Just the other day we were out and she found 2 woodcock and a covey of ruffies. She is doing really well on holding point until I release her. Your training has been fabulous! I'm really looking forward to this fall, she seems to be on her game and I plan on spending a lot of time with her in central ontario chasing birds.
I took her one day last fall to a game farm. Had them put out 7 chukar for me. She found and pointed all 7. It was pretty funny as there was a decent breeze, she would point, I would look for the bird and not find anything. I would release her and she would go 5 feet and point again. Moral of the story is that she was pointing at birds 20-30 feet away and I just wasn't looking hard enough. She must have wondered what was wrong with me! Haha!
Trevor & Kim, Teeswater On Jun 2013
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