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John Reid
72 Hutchison Rd. N, Mallorytown, Ontario, Canada, K0E 1R0
phone/fax: 613-659-4888
Trudy, Onpoint's Blue Kentucky Moon aka Little Miss Kentucky
Karen M USA Jul 2013
Onpoint's Wrecking Ball
I want to thank you for your help with the puppy. We are still toying around with some names and should have one shortly. She has made the transition pretty well besides getting car sick on the way home. We are working on house breaking her and she seems to be pretty good with the crate.
Todd H Williamsport PA Jul 2013
Biscuit, Onpoint's Finger Lickin Good
Attached are a couple of pictures of my little girl. She’s a real joy!
Steven C Dresden On Jul 2013
Cedar, Onpoint's Outlasted
So I thought I'd send you a quick update. Cedar is doing SSSOOO much better. He has had his second and third set of shots and the vet says he is very healthy. He is starting to mellow a little bit. He still has tons of energy but its better controlled. His obedience is getting much better. He no longer bother's my son at all. In fact, the 2 of them love each other. I think he got pretty tired of always getting thrown outside or in his crate. We have built him a very cool dog house in our house that we will be using instead of the crate now (unless he is in the car). He loves his new house because it is much bigger and fits a nice bed in it. Today was a big day. He passed his Puppy Obedience classes. Next month he will be starting the Intermediate classes. Everything is starting to go much smoother now. It's definitely making things easier on me. I hope all is well with you. I'll keep you updated with his progress.
Thanks, Brittany G Victoria BC Aug 2013
Jessie, Onpoint's Foolish Lil Girl
Jessie is doing really well... She is such a bundle of energy – I’m sure she is the fastest swimmer I’ve ever seen, she always has us laughing with some of her antics. She is “joined at the hip” to me and I love it! There’s also some photos of her taken this past winter that I’ve attached.
Rinka S Port Elgin On Jul 2013
Onpoint's Livin It
We got her! She's great. Thanks :)
Giovanna C Monroe NY Jul 2013
Archer, Onpoint's Running Up a Fuss
Just to let you know that Onpoint's Running Up A Fuss (Archer) is now FDJ, CGN and CD. Jul 2013
More news!!! FYI
 Onpoint's Running Up a Fuss, FDJ, CGN, CD is now RN (ARCHER) !!!
 We are working now on completing CDX, RA, FD and Agility.
All the best Yves P Ottawa Aug 2013
Just to let you know that Archer got his FDJ this past weekend and 2 of 3 legs towards his Rally Novice. Aug 28, 2013

Just a quick update on Reese. She has exceeded our expectations in every way. She walks with me every day on trails in the forest and she could not be better. Dieter and I believe she will be the best dog we have ever owned, which is a lot to say. Rarely does she not get a remark on her beauty. I tell her that she needs to develop her personality because as she ages, she can't get along on looks alone.
Not that she is perfect yet. She brings me flowers every day from my garden - and sometimes the entire bush. And she is still rearranging our drip system in the back. Our dinner hour is a little noisier than I would like, but at least she goes willingly to her "place." And walking on a leash is not her idea of fun, nor is it mine.
Martha & Dieter S Hayden ID Jul 2013
Busted! So much for the camouflage.
This about sums it up!
Martha and Dieter (the one with the no-dogs-on-the-furniture rule)
Reese, Onpoint's Idaho Jelly Been
Just a quick update. Reese/Jelly Bean is doing exceedingly well. She has had two training sessions. The trainer is, of course, awed by her brilliance. She fetches the morning paper for us. (She did this before we started with the bumpers.) She comes unfailingly. She sits, lies down, stays, place --well, you get the idea. She did all of this with minimal effort. She is housebroken -- well, except for once when my husband was remiss on his watch during the night. She is well adjusted in every way. Happy, sweet, playful, friendly, and loving.

Our vet was really taken with her. Said she was perfect. And the trainer wanted to know if I was going to show her. You said it and I say it, she's a beauty. I tell her that every day.

She is not quite cured of her swinging teeth. And she does have periods for which I have termed her the Anti Christ. She's been known to fly through the air from the sofa (which she is not allowed on) to her chair. During these moments my husband and I just look at each other like, well, now what do we do? And she has discovered water, as you will see from the photo I sent you. Unfortunately the ones of her in the water were mistakenly snapped as videos and it's out of my network to forward those. She also appears to be digging a tunnel to the love of her life, Tug, our neighbor's golden retriever. We have had to put a lot of effort into directing her energy into acceptable behavior. Since we are known to spoil our dogs, this has not been easy on us. Our main focus now is her jumping up on us, and, well, jumping up on everything. She puts her teeth through my clothes, muddies them, and scratches the bejesus out of my legs. But she's better. She has discovered our bed. We are working on that one, too.
I have also included a picture of her that shows her long beautiful legs. Reminds me of a picture you have in your Scrapbook section of "Hambone." Martha S Jun 2013
Holly, Onpoint's Good Vibrations
Just wanted to update you with how Holly is doing with our family, 10 days in. This picture of her with Andrew pretty much sums it up! :)
We all love her to pieces and she is doing really well. She's already mastered house training, her name, "Come" and "Sit." She loves cuddling on the couch, chasing kids, her kong toy and days at the cottage. Sleep is improving slowly!
We couldn't be happier with her!
Cheers, Jen & Chris Aug 2013
Murphy, Onpoint's Turn the Page
Just wanted to drop you a line with an update on Murphy. After a rough first couple of crate nights we got a full five hours of sleep last night. He is starting to love his crate. No big accidents in the house and he's becoming more confident by the hour. Will update you again in a few days. Take care.
Derek and Laura Jul 2013.
Spencer, Onpoint's Wouldn't It Be Nice
Doing great! Ian C Jul 2013
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