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John Reid
72 Hutchison Rd. N, Mallorytown, Ontario, Canada, K0E 1R0
phone/fax: 613-659-4888
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Customers & friends sharing special Vizsla moments & memories (Sep 2014-Dec 2011).
Molly Egan Hiking
I took Molly hiking this weekend (as usual) and ended up snapping this picture of her! I think she looks amazing (but I might be biased!) Can you believe she is 6 years old now!
I hope all is well with you. Every time someone asks me where I got her (and it happens all the time) I'm always super proud to tell her about Onpoint! Take care and hope you've had a good summer! Izzie E Aug 2014
Greetings from the Rockies!
Khaleesi (Onpoint's Chicken Hearted) has had a very active summer exploring her backyard! She loves swimming, mountain biking and most of all snuggling with her daddies. She also likes going to visit all the kids at the summer camp. All the kids love to give her hugs and kisses. She is still working on not jumping up on them to give kisses back.
Kyle and Andrew Aug 2014
I thought you would joy this as I remember you telling me how you grew up with a Vizsla and a Retriever. They are best of buds. The other picture is Khaleesi with her other buddy. I think my dog has a better social life than myself.
Kyle Apr 2014
Khaleesi is a mountain dog! July 2014
Hi Kim!
I realized its been a long time since I sent you a picture of Molly! Can you> believe she is going to be 6 this summer! I hope you are well! Kind regards
Izzie E and Molly! Apr 2014
Here are a few photo updates of Khaleesi who is happy summer has arrived. (above & below) May 2014
We love our weekends. Took Khaleesi kayaking today.
Kyle Jun 2014
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Hi. Just thought you might enjoy a picture of 'Georgia'. We got her from you in October of 1999 in Ottawa. Her parents were Buster and Viper. Georgia will be 15 on October 15th! She is the light of our lives! Thank you so much.
Kelly F & Raymond V Sep 2014
Tessa, Onpoint's Tuff Sun Medallion. Just a quick note to fill you in on Tessa’s progress to date.
What can I say? She is amazing! Absolutely beautiful (as you can see by the attached photos). Tessa has been a wonderful puppy and I love her to pieces. She loves everyone she meets and wins over even the hardest of hearts. My family, the running group, my co-workers and friends all ask about her everyday. They all want to hear about her latest escapade. I’ve posted some photos and videos on Facebook and she has plenty of admirers. Super energetic and rambunctious Tessa plays hard 24/7 and it’s virtually impossible to tire her out. She has no fear and is a natural explorer (although she does stay out of the way of the vacuum). Her natural instinct to point is undeniable as she ‘tracks’ and ‘points’ out the dragonflies in the grass. She loves puppy classes and is easily the most energetic dog. She usually protests when it’s time to leave. I think that she may really enjoy agility training in the future. Tessa is very smart and has learned 20-30 commands - she will do anything for a treat or toy - almost too smart because she can be quite mischievous sometimes! She is loved by many here in Regina and I think she is a very happy well-adjusted puppy. Thanks so much for sending me such an incredible little pup! Basil P Sep 2014
Our dear friend, family member and constant companion of almost 16 years passed away peacefully several days ago with my son and I at his side. We decided on an OnPoint Vizsla in the fall of 1998 and you flew him to Vancouver where he spent the first half of his life in Maple Ridge. In 2007 we moved to Southern California, where we still reside, and Bela became a true desert dog.
In his long and happy life the worst ailment to befall him were ear mites - otherwise he never had an operation, never got sick and other than annual check ups and shots, he never needed medical attention. By all accounts he was incredibly strong and healthy, and regardless of the amount of table scraps our children secretly fed him under the table when they were younger, he did not gain any additional weight. I must congratulate you for such a fine selection of a quality breeding line - he was an incredibly healthy dog!
Peter & Nicole Sep 2014
I hope all is well! I just wanted to send an of how Lexie's doing. She is
now 3.5 months and is doing really great. We have had an eventful (almost) 2 months with lots of fun and play.
Tony P Sep 2014
Toro, Onpoint's New Echo of Toro
Melissa W. NJ USA Sep 2014