I have had proven success training Vizslas, Brittanies, GSPs, GWPs, English Setters & English Pointers. I believe that results can be only achieved through showing respect toward the dog and in the use of humane training methods. My success speaks for itself.
I can train your dog as personal hunting companion or for AKC/CKC hunt tests, field trials, NSTRA trials, and NAVHDA. We welcome people to visit our facilities and can provide references. We have a veterinarian on call. Airport pick up and drop off can also be arranged. We require all dogs that are coming into our facility have a current vaccination certificate and a Bordetella (Kennel Cough) shot.
As I only accept a limited number of dogs in for training, I ask that you contact me regarding training availability well in advance. I will want some specifics on the history of your dog in the field and what you are hoping to achieve. Inquiries and visits are always welcome! Do not hesitate to contact us.
For those looking for field trial handling and campaigning to develop a high class field trial dog I can offer a specific training program that I feel meets both your needs and our desires to put the best Vizslas on the line.
Field Trial Training/Campaigning
For those folks looking for field trial handling and campaigning and who's goal it is for their dog to excel on the field trial circuit, I more than happy to offer this service under the following conditions:
1. General Fees: Fees are monthly, plus birds. During trial season, owners are also responsible for a portion of traveling expenses and their own entry fees. Dogs are continuously trained and conditioned throughout the week of the trial.  Please contact us for specific fee details. 
2. Non-Onpoint bred dogs - training and handling subject to evaluation. In fairness to owners and their dogs, I will only take your dog if after evaluation, I feel he/she is a legitimate Field Trial contender. Over the years I have had the pleasure of training numerous non-Onpoint bred dogs that have excelled. I have also had a number of dogs (others' breedings and my own) that, while excellent tempered companions and fantastic hunters, simply didn't have what it takes to excel as a field trial dog. Taking your dog, if it falls into this last category, is not fair to either you or the dog. 
Owners will be liable for all general fees as listed above. Throughout the season I will provide you my best estimate of chances to meet your FC/AFC goal, & only continue to train/campaign your dog as long as it has the chance to succeed.
3. Limited Guarantee for Onpoint Bred dogs - owners will be matched with what I believe to be legitimate contenders out of my breedings. I will guarantee their success under the following conditions:
  • Owners will be liable for all General Fees as listed above to finish the dog to FC and/or AFC level.
  • After a dog completes its Derby Season and its 1st Open season, I will provide you my best estimate of chances to meet your FC/AFC goal. If at this point (or later on) I feel the dog cannot be finished, I will at that point replace the pup with a new contender. This re-evaluation process will be provided to you at the conclusion of each trial season.  
    Additional terms/conditions are:
  • both of us agreeing on a program for finishing the dog.
  • only remains valid as long as the dog continues to remain part of the program.
  • is invalid if the owner decides to pull the dog from the program despite my assessment of success potential and demonstrated past results
  • Part of "Only the Best to the Best" is standing behind our dogs. I believe that we consistently produce a level of quality field dog that can reach this level, in addition to being excellent all-round hunters, not to mention wonderful members of your household. For that reason I offer the guarantee. I believe in my dogs and believe my customers deserve to see their goals met.

    My goal is to develop the best dog possible (my breeding or others' under my training and handling). Keeping dogs in a program that have little chance to meet your goals is counter-productive to improving the breed and to you, my customers and friends. As a result, in fairness to all of us, I will only continue to keep your dog as long as it has a legitimate chance to succeed. Your dog's success directly translates into Onpoint success!!
    Current Training Plans: 
    I can provide customized private & small group training to owners or handlers in the following areas:
    This training program for individuals will include all aspects of the above areas, including dog training, handling and related horse care and can be customized to meet individual requirements. It can be offered for 1 day, several days, over a weekend or an entire week, whatever you require to meet your goals.

    Contact me at any time to discuss your requirements and schedule!
    Owner Jim Busch with his new Field Champion Raany Oct 2001; handler & trainer John Reid. Consistently made VCA Top 10 Field Lists!
    Sammy shows he can back!
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