Over the years we've been fortunate enough to make great friends throughout North America thanks to our Vizslas. It is a pleasure to share with everyone some of our "extended" Onpoint family & friends from earlier years.
The dogs are displayed alphabetically on each page, by first name.
Periodically, we will use this first page to provide news & updates about these and other Onpoint dogs! 
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Bella - Onpoint's Tip Top Performance
It is with great sadness that the McClelland family said goodbye to Bella, April 2, 2011. She will be greatly missed!
Gunnar, Onpoint's Rain Storm FD
CKC Top Ten FD dog; Nov 6 1999-Jun 18, 2011
 Owner: Marc & Chanda Latrielle, Ottawa
We lost a member of our family, an amazing dog, Gunnar was a great hunting companion who was beautiful to watch in the field.
He will be missed forever.
The Latreille Family

Scout, Onpoint's Gambler. With saddened hearts we wanted to let you know that are beloved Scout passed away on July 22, 2011. We treasure the 9.5 years that we had with him and he will always remain in our hearts and memories. Ken and Denise K Cuba, NY

Willie, Onpoint's Jumping Jack Flash
June 25, 1998-June 24, 2012
Thank you both so much for providing such a wonderful animal. I couldn’t imagine a better dog. 3 days shy of 14 years, he lived a very good life and died with dignity. He was the best friend anyone could have and a fantastic dog right to the end. I was very fortunate to have spent those years with him.
David D Jul 2012 Port Elgin On

Alex, Onpoint's Minnie Mite
Mar 19, 2003-Jan 11, 2013
We lost our beloved Alex yesterday. She was the joy of our lives. We are devastated and cannot imagine life without her. Our 15 year old German Shorthair is missing her, too.
She had a wonderful life here in North Idaho. We walked (she ran) every day in the forest. I cannot write more right now. My husband said it succinctly, it was the saddest day of his life. Just wanted you to know. Martha & Dieter S.

John Reid
72 Hutchison Rd. N, Mallorytown, Ontario, Canada, K0E 1R0
phone/fax: 613-659-4888
Cosmo, Onpoint's Charles Ray
Hi John and Kim;
We lost our Cosmo on April 5th, 2013, he was almost 15 ¾ !!! He was truly an amazing dog, personality plus and stubborn from the moment we brought him home!!A sibling to my three kids, especially my 16 and 18 year old!!, so many happy memories! Janet

Sunny - Onpoint's Lone Coyote

We buried Sunny in our back garden on Saturday afternoon (Nov 9, 2013)
Simple words carry high praise...."She was a good dog.
Todd Fortin, Kemptville, On