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There are many pros and cons when considering adding a Vizsla to your family. Anyone considering a Vizsla needs to be fully aware of what to expect and realize the commitment they are making.
The Vizsla has a short coat which is for the most part low maintenance. This is not to say that they do not shed. In fact, Vizslas will shed their entire coat in the spring and the fall. However, brushing does not usually take more than 40 minutes. We can have a dog fully groomed and ready to go to a dog show in about an hour including toe nails and teeth. It is for this reason that the Vizsla makes an excellent house pet for those who do not want their house to smell "doggy."

Another trait that contributes to the Vizsla making an excellent companion dog is its high level of intelligence. Vizslas simply love to learn. They love challenges and will thrive in an enriched environment. Whether agility, flyball, conformation, field trials or simply curling up on your couch, the Vizsla loves to do it all. There are many Vizslas that are bird hunters on the weekend and the family house dog during the week. The Vizsla is truly versatile!

As you can see the Vizsla is a wonderful breed, but please continue through this site and see for yourself how truly versatile and special they can be.
Some of the advantages:
The Vizsla must also be part of the family and is not well suited either physically or emotionally to full-time kennel life. Unlike some of the other hunting dogs, the Vizsla will only reach its fullest potential when allowed to be part of the family. They will follow you from room to room and at times seem as though they are actually stuck to you. It is for this reason that the Vizsla is also commonly referred to as the "Velcro dog." For some, this high level of people attachment can be overwhelming. We personally enjoy having a dog that wants to be with us all the time!
Out of all of the pointing breeds, the Vizsla is one of the softer dogs. They will not do well with harsh training methods. They truly want to please you so if you are inclined to lose your patience while training, the Vizsla is not the dog for you. Your Vizsla will shut down. The Vizsla is known as the "gentleman's hunting dog."
Vizslas are very active dogs. They require DAILY EXERCISE. They are not a "walk around the block" type of dog. By exercise, we mean that they need to RUN FOR AT LEAST 45 MINUTES A DAY. (This is critical for the first 2-3 years.) You have to be willing to do this year round - in the snow and in the rain. If you are thinking that you can probably "get away with" exercising your dog in the backyard playing fetch with the children, this is the wrong breed for you! Vizslas that do not obtain the required daily exercise can become very bored and destructive. They will race around your house, bounce off the walls and drive you completely insane. You must have access to large parks or fields where you can let your Vizsla run freely particularly within its first three years of life.